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​​​​​What billing or insurance information will I receive?

Once your insurance responds to our claim for services, you will receive a statement from our office.  Some insurance companies will provide electronic or paper versions of your Explanation of Benefits (EOBs).  If this is something you would like to receive, please contact your insurance company or Medicare.

​How long will it take to get things settled with the insurance company?

Time frames for the claim process can vary widely by insurance companies.  Generally, however, you should allow anywhere from 20 – 45 days for the process to complete.

Why am I getting bills from physicians?

Regulations require that the physician bill be separate from the facility bill.  As a result, you will receive a bill from each healthcare provider/group that treats you as well as the facility.

I received a notice that my insurance company has paid on my bill – but I can’t understand how they calculated their payment amount. Do you know?​

The payment amounts that we receive are dictated by the contract my office has with your insurance company.  If you have questions about the amount they allowed or the amount that they paid, you should consult your EOB or contact your insurance company or Medicare.

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